Thursday, July 17, 2008

Revisionism Swims with the Tide of Bourgeois Ideology

Comrades, Brothers and Sisters,

We warmly recommend that folks also read our other posts and definitions against revisionism 'cuz "revisionism strikes when the working people drop their guard and relax their fight against it." ("Right-Wing Revisionism Today, " 1976, Progress Publishers, Moscow) I warmly invite us to study more about revisionism.

Revisionism Swims with the Tide of Bourgeois Ideology

I warmly point out that the Soviet book, "Right-Wing Revisionism Today, " points out that:

"Throughout his life, Lenin resolutely fought various opportunist trends. This struggle continued, in the new historical setting, the traditions of Marx and Engels who had created and defended their philosophy in sharp clashes with bourgeois and petty-bourgeois ideas...

"By revisionism, Lenin understood an opportunist trend alien to Marxism and socialism that existed within the revolutionary party of the working class and which, under the guise of Marxism, actually carried out a revision of the fundamental tenets of Marxist theory, replacing the basic principles of that theory by bourgeois and petty-bourgeois ideas. He branded opportunism as a betrayal of the liberation of the working class, as a deal with the class enemy of the proletariat and a siding with the bourgeoisie in politics.

"Under cover of Marxist terminology and a claim to be ’creatively’ developing Marxism, revisionists actually replace Marxism by views that are alien and inimical to it. As Lenin said, revisionists allegedly recognize certain principles of Marxism but, in practice, replace them with bourgeois notions. (Lenin, "Collected Works, " Vol. 21)

"Therefore, the class nature of revisionism is a replacement of Marxism by bourgeois ideas, even though the social roots of revisionist ideas are usually associated with the petty bourgeoisie...

"Lenin noted that revisionism swims with the tide of bourgeois ideology." ("Right-Wing Revisionism Today, " 1976, Progress Publishers, Moscow)