Thursday, October 16, 2008

Protest to Save Main Street Not Wall Street!

Protest to Save Main Street Not Wall Street!

Saturday, October 25 at 3:00 p.m.

Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis, 90 Hennepin Ave. downtown (by corner of Hennepin Avenue and N. 1st St.--Near South Side of Hennepin Ave. Bridge)

Initiated by Gus Hall Action Club, a Marxist-Leninist Communist club, but you don’t need to be a Communist to attend!!

Life becomes worse for the working class as capitalists intensify their drive against our living standards. But the U.S. government's given more than $700 billion dollars to bail out billionaires and bankers!! This swindle gives almost unlimited authority for doling out billions to Wall Street fat cats. This bailout bill is not geared to help working-class homeowners, workers in debt or our entire working class. Instead, it shifts the burden of the capitalist’s financial crisis unto the backs of the working class. The bailout of the banks is a bailout of the crisis-ridden system of capitalism. William Z. Foster of the Communist Party USA of yesteryear pointed out that capitalism is "legalized robbery of the working class." Financial crisis and the bailing out of billionaires and bankers is not capitalism "gone wrong." Bailing out bankers is not "socialism." It is the fullest expression of what capitalism really is.

The history of capitalism shows that the capitalist ruling class always tries to throw the burden of economic crisis unto the shoulders of the working class. We need a class struggle program to wage an organized fight to save Main Street not Wall Street. The demands of our protest on October 25 are: Bail Out Main Street Not Wall Street! Finance Projects Needed by the Working Class! Tax the Rich! For a Moratorium on Home Foreclosures and Evictions! Protect Workers’ Pensions and Savings! For a Law Against Plant Shutdowns! Nationalize Industry to Prevent Job Loss! Freeze all Workplace Closings and Job Layoffs! Stop Cuts in the Budgets of Social Programs! Slash the Military Budget!

Please feel free to make a sign with some of these slogans and bring it to the rally at 3:00 on Saturday, Oct. 25 at the Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis, 90 Hennepin Ave. downtown (by corner of Hennepin Avenue and N. 1st St.)!

Socialism is the final answer to the exploitation, terrors and hardship of rotting capitalism, breeder of crises and war. See our blog post: FAQ: What is Socialism?

(Karl Marx: 'In crises there breaks out an epidemic that, in all earlier epochs, would have seemed an absurdity--the epidemic of overproduction.')