Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stalin: 'His Name Stands Alongside the Names of Marx, Engels and Lenin'

We need a historical and objective analysis of Stalin from a working-class and Marxist-Leninist position. Proletarians must reject "condemnations" from anti-communist bourgeois propaganda, Trotskyist or revisionist Big Lies and slanders. Yep, Generalissimo Stalin made mistakes later in his life. But, overall, he was a "left" Soviet leader and part of the anti-revisionist tendency. Our era's Communist Party of the Russian Federation (КПРФ) proudly declares: "the memory of Stalin will live forever!"

(’Thank you, dear Stalin, for our happy childhood!’)

Here’s the stellar Marxist-Leninist past head of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), William Z. Foster, assessing Stalin after his tragic passing:

"On March 5, 1953, in his 74th year, Joseph V. Stalin died as the result of a stroke suffered during his sleep a few days before. This ended over half a century of revolutionary struggle on the part of one of the greatest fighters ever produced by the world’s working class. His death was a tremendous loss to the Soviet people and to the international movement for peace and freedom.

"Stalin was a major theoretician. Perhaps his greatest theoretical work was on the national question, on which he was the world’s leading expert. His epic ideological battle with the Trotsky-Zinoviev-Bukharin wreckers also constitutes a Marxist classic. And just on the eve of his death he gave a last example of his profound capacity as an economist by working out the basic economic laws of capitalism and socialism, in his last work, ’Economic Problems of Socialism in the U.S.S.R.’

"Stalin was a magnificent organizer. His building of the Communist Party, the Soviets, and other immense mass organizations of the Soviet people was a real masterwork. His leadership of the party in the mobilization of the people for the driving through of the successive five-year plans, with their building of industry and collectivization of farming, was organizational work beyond compare.

"Stalin, too, was a militant fighting leader of the masses. His whole life was one relentless battle against the enemies of socialism, both within and outside the party. He was a tower of strength as a military commander in the civil war of 1918-1920, and in leading the Soviet people to victory over the Hitler barbarians in 1941-1945, he displayed a peerless fighting spirit and outstanding military genius. During the Cold War, the arrogant capitalist imperialists also came to dread the indomitable spirit and brilliant diplomacy of Stalin. He was indeed a man of steel, as his name signified.

"At Stalin’s funeral, Malenkov said of this brilliant and courageous leader: ’Comrade Stalin, the great thinker of our epoch, creatively developed the teaching of Marxism-Leninism in the new historical conditions. The name of Stalin rightly stands alongside the names of the greatest men in human history--Marx, Engels, Lenin.’" (William Z. Foster, History of the Three Internationals, International Publishers)

This excellent biography by the Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute was once reprinted by International Publishers and distributed by the CPUSA: