Friday, February 27, 2009

Fight for the Minnesota People's Bailout!

Capitalism causes economic crises. They are, as Gus Hall said, "an inherent, built in characteristic of the system." Marxism-Leninism teaches that crises are caused by the fundamental contradiction of capitalism--that between the social character of production and the private form of appropriating wealth. This means that: Production is social because people need to enter into relations with one another and the means of production to create products. Social labor, the united efforts of millions, produce all of society’s materials and instruments. But, Frederick Engels noted, "the social product is appropriated by the individual capitalist." Maurice Cornforth adds that this fundamental contradiction of capitalism "is a contradiction within the social system itself, on the basis of which the class struggle arises and operates." It is this fundamental contradiction of capitalism that causes crises. Capitalism, not employed and unemployed workers, is responsible for the economic state of emergency.

It’s time for us working class people to stand up, speak out and fight back! We must raise the Communist Party USA’s slogan of yesteryear: Jobs or Income Now! We need to organize class struggle picketlines, protests and mass people’s lobbies to demand passage of the Minnesota People’s Bailout legislation (SF 542 and HF 626), an Act that would provide us an immediate measure of security under capitalism. Introduced into the 86th Minnesota legislative session, the People’s Bailout bill calls for an extension of unemployment compensation and the 5 year limit on welfare (MFIP), creates a public works program to "generate new jobs and produce a stronger state economy, " prevents the layoffs of state employees and establishes a two year moratorium (a delay) on housing foreclosures. We in the Gus Hall Action Club propose that all costs be borne by the capitalist class. Tax the rich!

(V.I.Lenin: ’every month brings the world proletarian revolution nearer!’)

Call your Minnesota state Representative and Senator and tell them to support the People's Bailout Bill (SF 542 and HF 626)! Go to District Finder for more information.

Only socialism will finally end crises forever. It is, as Gus Hall pointed out, "the solution to the inevitable economic crises under capitalism." Socialism eliminates capitalism’s fundamental contradiction between the social character of production and the private form of appropriating wealth. Socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat ushers in a society where social production matches social ownership and appropriation. What is produced by social production and the labor of millions becomes the property of the producers, the working class. With the socialist planned economy, economic crises are done away with. Capitalism is on the skids to oblivion. It’s fundamental contradiction causes crises, but it also gives rise to the class struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. The contradiction, Maurice Cornforth stated, "can only be resolved by the victory of the working class" winning state power and building socialism. And, as V.I. Lenin said: "every month brings the world proletarian revolution nearer!"